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Car Accidents

Injured in a collision? Recover what you deserve.

If you've fallen victim to an automotive collision of any type - public transit, commercial vehicle, privately owned car or truck - at no fault of your own, you may likely be entitled to recover compensation for your injuries, medical expenses, and traumatic experience. Never get caught footing the bill for an accident you didn't cause.

Their excuse is never justification for your injury

Texting, traffic, construction, fellow passengers - all are typical factors in an automotive collision. Regardless of the excuse your at-fault driver uses, he or she is still responsible for your injuries. Don't be disheartened because his or her insurance company claims your collision was faultless. Contact me today for your initial consultation - let's begin building your personal injury case.

Aggressively pursuing wrongful deaths

If the worst should occur to your family member or loved one, don't let the law side with those at fault. Never be left traumatized and vulnerable in the event of wrongful death. Contact my office now for a confidential consultation, and work with an aggressive attorney, experienced in decades of personal injury law.