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Your small business faces competition more fierce than ever. Are you at the front of the pack, taking

advantage of commercial law to grow and earn greater revenues? If you're a closely held organization, or a sole proprietorship, it may be time to incorporate or convert to a limited liability organization. The benefits

are profound:

Personal asset protection. Separate your personal property from your business's, protecting you from loss. Tax flexibility. Many tax credits abound with INC or LLC, saving you money each year.

Brand protection. Preserve your company's image and protect it from similar businesses and infringements. Perpetual existence. Your business lives independent of your own management or life.

Incorporating or converting your business provides:

The differences between incorporating and converting to an LLC are subtle but profound. Work with an experienced commercial lawyer who knows the nuances of the business world - contact me today, Irwin J. Prince, Attorney. Let's discuss which is right for

your business.

"Which is better for me? LLC or INC?"

Navigate the legal roads to commercial success by incorporating or converting to limited liability today.

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